Friday, May 30, 2008

McVities goes the extra mile

Green tea seems to be a fad. Everything seems to be flavoured with green tea these days. Matcha ice-cream, matcha tiramisu and even matcha latte! If you are a purist, look else where. McVities jumped onto the bandwagon a long while ago and came up with Matcha and Black Beans. (I was simply too lazy to blog about it hence the delay.

Matcha aka Green Tea contains one of the highest level anti-oxidants amongst the variety of tea and is known to provide many health benefits. Apparently, so does Black Beans. Black beans contain the highest level of anthocyanins (anti-oxidants compounds) amongst the variety of beans. Anti-oxidants offer protection against cancer and heart diseases. Couple Green Tea with Black Beans, McVities go the extra mile to provide a biscuit that is good for our health without compromising on the taste.

Miniature in size, it looks like mini Oreos. Two dark coloured biscuits sandwiching a green tea cream. It tastes a lot like green tea flavoured Oreos too. Can't really tell the taste of black beans from the coin-sized biscuits but the green tea flavoured cream makes its presence known in your mouth. It is not extraordinary and but hey. Gimme a packet anyday and I will gladly eat it up. It is good for peckish snacking.

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