Friday, May 30, 2008

Adult Fish Food

Everytime some new comes out, I will make a beeline for the new product in anticipation. I like junk food, snacks and whatnot. That's no big secret. Except when I'm hoarding my junk. So when the new Dark Chocolate Pucca appeared, I bought 2 boxes of it.

From Meiji, the dark chocolate is smooth and yummy. The slight bitterness hit the palates at the right spot without the rancid aftertaste that some dark chocolates have. The cracker reminded me of WaterThins cracker without much taste on its own. It had a slight cocoa flavour minus the sugar. The bittersweet chocolate and the cocoa-flavoured cracker complimented each other. In the shape of a fish, Pucca targets the young and the old. My little sister loved the "cute fish biscuit" while the older members of the family relished the "adult-ness" of dark chocolate biscuit snack.

It disappeared so quickly that the next time I replenished my stock, I had to pretend that I bought one box less.

It is available at Cold Storage outlets. Try Harbourfront if the other outlets do not have it.

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